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Well, I've pretty much abandoned my poor little blog here in favor of my new blog. So I'm psoting this to ask anyone interested in following me to the new blog to friend me there. The new blog is fictionaut12. So if you get friends requests form the blog, it's me.
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I feel soiled by today's Shot-By-Shot entry. SOILED!!!!
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I have a horrible habit of creating new weblogs every couple of years. I don't know why it is, I guess I just end up getting bored with the sameness of it all and I feel the urge to start something new.

I've done it again, created another new weblog.

So check out my NEW weblog at fictionaut12. And friend me.

I'll still be writing in this weblog, but I'll be writing there as well. And, really, I think I'll be far more fabulous and witty there.

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This afternoon I decided to go to the movies. I went to Pittsford Plaza to see Helen Mirren in The Queen.

A word about Pittsford for those of you not-in-the-know: Pittsford is one of the rich-people suburbs of Rochester. It has a very pretentious town square with quirky little shops and horrid parking. Establishments must fit the color scheme of the town. There are, like, eight Starbucks. Pittsford Plaza is liek the buffer zone between Pittsford and the rest of the world. It has many, many stores (including the Barnes and Noble and Wegmecca). It stops the gawkers before they hit the quaint Village of Pittsford.

Pittsford Plaza looks like an SUV dealership. Every other car is an enormous gas-guzzling behemoth. Parking in Pittsford Plaza is always a joy. Not only do you have to search to find a place that isn't three miles from the store, you run the risk of getting blocked in on all sides by pretensford soccer moms in their monster behemoth cars.

As is always the case....the movie theater in the richest suburb has some of the cheapest prices. So I like going there and being able to afford popcorn too.

I went to the first show- which was at noon. I didn't think there would be many people there but I was WRONG! There were many, many people there. And I was younger than all of them by several decades. It isn't often I get the joy of being the youngest person in a social situation, so I played it up. I sashayed around like a teenager on crack and said things like "Yo, mamcita, nice rinse!"

Okay, I didn't do that.

Anywho, the movie. Helen Mirren was very good and understated and did a great job of looking at the camera. her presence is remarkable and her performance was realy thje only thing of interest in the movie. The movie wasn't bad, but you know how it's going to end. So everythig hinges on Helen Mirren and she does an excellent job.

Which means I liked it and would say "See it" if asked.
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I also find Martin Short an incredible chore to watch. You are not alone.
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So tonight, for date night, Kate and I went to see Running With Scissors.

I liked it very much. It differed form the book in tone and energy- a little too serius when it was serious and succumbed to a bit of unfortuante movie-izing- but the performances were good. Some of the relationships were glossed over a bit- the relationship with Bookman was very much underplayed- but it's a two hour movie. Whattya gonna do?

Bookman's poem was sheer brillaince, tho. "Bitch! Whore of Christ!"

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It's been a bit of time since I did a review of where I am in my life. So, without further ado:

Kevin has beome our third roommate. Jessica has left the building, the first of our students to not significantly improve her life by living with us, and Kevin has arrived. He and I have spent much time bonding and making personal jokes, much to poor Kate's dismay. It's almost like the Jim thing all over again.

Mo and Kate and I have become a Wednesday night Fun Unit. Before it was Project Runway oriented, now it is going to be other things. I'm almost wondering if there will now be a Wednesday Night Movie Club. Wednesday Mo, Kevin and I went to see The Prestige. I liked it. I predicted most of the twists and turns, but it was a fun little movie to watch. Kate was feeling a bit off so didn't come. Which made us all sad sad. But we had fun so it was good good!

Work continues to be a constant source of annoyance to me. The troll-like one has reverted and things are pretty much the way they were before. It may seriously be time for a change.

I've been reading a bit. I just finished a book by Bill Moyers about journalism and its decline in modern America. It was kinda folksy in places, but sitll interesting. I'm also going to attempt Faulkner again. Hopefully with more luck this time.

Have been drawing some, but not anything to post. Just more of the same, really, and I feel a need to break from that a bit. I think I'm going to start drawing on bigger paper again, loosen up my arm a touch.

My mother's birthday is tomorrow. On Monday my sister, her husband, the niece and I got family portraits taken as a surprise for me mum. She will love them. Because of this I got my hair cut. No Dr. Seuss hair for me right now. Reviews on my haircut are mixed. It is very short and almost professional looking. Scary, huh? I must remember that it was a clipper cut with a number 3. Must remember that for February- when I feel like getting ti cut again.

All in all, life is pretty okay. Kevin moving in has been wunderbar. Friends have been wunderbar. My niece is adorable. Life is pretty good.

So how are things with you?
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